Kitchen Loteria

I had a pack of loteria cards. Loteria is a mexican card matching game like bingo but the cards have pictures of everyday items, or characters or body parts. Well, I guess the choice of content seems pretty random to me, but I love these images and the colors. There are many different sets of loteria cards, and some really cool contemporary ones, but the most familiar are made by Don Clemente and they are cheap and readily available around here. I love them so much I covered my kitchen cabinets with them! A deck of the cards costs only about $3 and I used 12, maybe 13, I think this whole makeover came in under 100 dollars. I got your “bang for the buck” right here!Our house was built in the fifties and although I did put in a tile floor some years ago, the kitchen hasn’t been updated since the house was built. There’s no big kitchen remodel anytime in the near future and I decided to run with the retro and I haven’t looked back. I ended up making a few trips to Olivera Street to buy more cards and filled in the corners with red bits of paper from NetFlix wrappers. I know that sounds kinda crazy but it was just the right shade of red and I had a huge stack of them. I took some of my favorites, scanned them and printed them out at the local Kinko’s/Fedex on the large scale laser printer. I used those on the lower cabinet doors, just for variety, glued everything on with plain old white glue, gave them a few (or 5) coats of Varathane and “Voila!” – happy kitchen!
I already had plenty of colorful accessories that now just looked even more at home with all the pretty colors. I guess I’m pretty consistent that way. Ok, I did run out and but this red dish drainer. We don’t have a dishwasher, can you believe it? In 2010?
I don’t know if his head hurts from the rocket stuck in his noggin’ or from squinting in all the bright happy that now floods the room.

2 comments to Kitchen Loteria

  • Amanda

    Love this!!!!

  • angelwins

    HAHAHAHA! I LOVE the moon …is that a cookie jar? No wait…I see on second look that it’s a teapot! You are SO creative! Can you pack up a bunch of those cards and come redo my kitchen in SE Texas? You could even wait until after hurricane season! HAHAHA! Anyway, you have made your kitchen a bright and happy place. I love it!