Día de los Muertos Trumpet Player

I bought this handsome guy many years ago at the Soap Plant on Melrose Ave. I considered it quite a splurge at the time and looking back it was such a bargain for the amount of enjoyment I’ve had looking at him. He was made by Miguel Linares, of the famous family of Mexican paper mache artists and resides in our dining room with a few amigos: Churchill, Johann Strauss I (his son wrote The Blue Danube, he wrote a waltz about a suspension bridge, lots of other waltzes and polkas!) and a little fat jade Buddha. Strauss seems to be looking at Churchill likes he expects him to get up and dance.

I had dinner on Melrose a few weeks ago with my friend Anne and sadly the Soap Plant was gone. I read that it’s back in it’s original location in Silverlake so maybe that’s ok. But it was a disappointment that after dinner there weren’t very many shops open late, unless you wanted a tattoo and there were plenty of places to get one if you were so inclined.

I hope the new Soap Plant is open late.

3 comments to Día de los Muertos Trumpet Player

  • he is adorable. i too collect mexican folk art and am participating this year in the hollywood forever cemetery dia de los muertos event!

    but again, the splurge was worth it. it is amazing the amount of time and detail the artists put into making such amazing objects.

  • angelwins

    Saw you in the comments section on Pioneer Woman. Liked the name of your blog…I’m a former Angeleno and a native Californian and I deeply miss my home. I love your blog, even though it makes me even more homesick. I’ll be back again tomorrow…Keep writing!

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