Firecracker Labels Part I

I collect firecracker labels. Why? Well, during a dark time in my life I amused myself by looking at pretty brightly colored objects on EBay. The looking, the watching, the bidding, the sniping, the winning, the waiting for FedEx… it was something to focus on and look forward to and just generally enjoy during a time when even getting out of bed in the morning didn’t seem to have much purpose.

Firecracker labels – colorful (obviously important to me), kinda exotic and relatively cheap by the standards of things worth collecting – are fun. I started with labels featuring animals.
I love this elephant label, it’s really old probably pre 1950′s because it doesn’t have a warning on it.
I love the colors of these two, the tiger and the camel. Camel is a fairly common brand and I’ve got lots of them in different variations. The tiger is a bit more rare and again older with no warning.
Those warnings! Lay on ground, light fuse – GET AWAY! What else comes with a warning like that?

I painted the hall chinese red (most of the labels are from China or Macau, more about that later) and had a great time framing the labels in black frames with white double mattes and color coordinated background mattes – some of the black spaces are for future aquistions.

Like I said… I started with animals, next post: the maidens.

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