Firecracker Labels Part 2

When I first started collecting firecracker labels, I focused on animals.  I like animals and the idea of firecrackers being sold with images of ducks, turtles, camels, all seemed charmingly incongruous. Then I started buying “maiden” labels.

Here in my “hall of firecracker labels” I have a few of them displayed.


This one has a very ladylike woman and some ducks.

This one has a very thoughtful girl and a rooster. What is she thinking about? I don’t think she’s thinking about firecrackers, I think she’s thinking about her manicure.

All these women are very modestly dressed but with much attention paid to the styling. This one has one of my favorite warnings “Do not hold in hand after lighting.” duh.

This is one of my favorites, the flowers, the beautiful colors and the detail on the dresses and the hairstyles, I just love it.

This one is from India. I don’t have very many from Inda, but they tend to be a bit more exciting and feature actual firecrackers in the picture. This one makes me want the firecracker pictured. I’m not really interested that much in the firecrackers themselves, but I do like sparklers.

I may or may not have a secret stash of sparklers.

And then there’s this one, the Dragon Lady. It’s more recent, not so vintage, but I couldn’t resist!
“Lay on ground! Light fuse! GET AWAY!!!!

Thanks for looking at my firecracker labels.

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