Nothing Says Christmas like Robots.


Deck the halls with lots of robots,
01 10 00 01 01.
Tis the season to be binary,
01 10 00 01 01.

Don we now our pressure-sensitive, electronically responsive artificial skin
01 10 00 01 01.
Twinkling fully embedded motor driven distance sensors,
01 10 00 01 01.

To decorate our aluminum Christmas tree we have collected some fabulous . . . → Read More: Nothing Says Christmas like Robots.

Firecracker Labels Part 2


When I first started collecting firecracker labels, I focused on animals.  I like animals and the idea of firecrackers being sold with images of ducks, turtles, camels, all seemed charmingly incongruous. Then I started buying “maiden” labels.

Here in my “hall of firecracker labels” I have a few of them displayed.


This one has a very ladylike woman . . . → Read More: Firecracker Labels Part 2

Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead


In L.A. we all share our holidays and celebrations.
Today was Day of the Dead and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a huge celebration.

Cecil B. DeMille is buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. So is Rudolf Valentino, Norma Talmadge, Tyrone Power, Nelson Eddie, Peter Lorrie, Fay Wray, Don Adams and Hattie McDaniel and so many more. George . . . → Read More: Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead

Kitchen Loteria


I had a pack of loteria cards. Loteria is a mexican card matching game like bingo but the cards have pictures of everyday items, or characters or body parts. Well, I guess the choice of content seems pretty random to me, but I love these images and the colors. There are many different sets . . . → Read More: Kitchen Loteria

Limoncello Part 2

Limoncello Opacity

After about a month, it’s time to finish the limoncello! Yay!

Put 2 1/2 cups of water and and 2 1/2 cups of sugar in a saucepan, stir and slowly heat until it turns clear and all the sugar is dissolved completely. I don’t think you really want to let it boil, just maybe begin to . . . → Read More: Limoncello Part 2

Beach Day

Beach from Santa Monica Pier

I took my mom to the beach today for her birthday. The weather was perfect, it’s been such a weird summer here in LA, a few hot days and lots of cold strange days. It was cloudy this morning but by the time we got to the beach, the sun came out and it was still . . . → Read More: Beach Day

Día de los Muertos Trumpet Player

Trumpet playing skeleton

I bought this handsome guy many years ago at the Soap Plant on Melrose Ave. I considered it quite a splurge at the time and looking back it was such a bargain for the amount of enjoyment I’ve had looking at him. He was made by Miguel Linares, of the famous family of Mexican paper mache . . . → Read More: Día de los Muertos Trumpet Player

Firecracker Labels Part I

Elephant Firecracker Label

I collect firecracker labels. Why? Well, during a dark time in my life I amused myself by looking at pretty brightly colored objects on EBay. The looking, the watching, the bidding, the sniping, the winning, the waiting for FedEx… it was something to focus on and look forward to and just generally enjoy during a time . . . → Read More: Firecracker Labels Part I

HAPPY arrives in Van Nuys!

Jaunty Hat

My daughter and I were returning home from a dental appointment and we noticed that something was going on down the street. My daughter snapped a few pictures because you never know when it might be something of historic importance.

It looks like a crowd is gathering. What are those people looking at?

Why it looks like a . . . → Read More: HAPPY arrives in Van Nuys!

Limoncello Part I

Lemons in the Sink

A branch fell off our very old lemon tree a few weeks ago. The tree was loaded with lemons and the weight off all that fruit broke off a gigantic bough that was hanging precariously over the hammock. We couldn’t just throw the lemons away and there were hundreds. You . . . → Read More: Limoncello Part I